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Our Culture

Giving Back

Our communication is smarter, our work is stronger, and our vision is sharper because we trust and respect the individuals that make our team. Spending time together outside of the workplace allows us to connect on a deeper level.

Our Values

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We seek the truth and are honest in our intentions.

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Everything we do is consciously considered and everything we make is carefully crafted.

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We are free to do business the way we want and we choose to do it openly.

Team Testimonials


“Tuft & Needle is willing to try out new things with people. They're willing to take risks and allow us to try out new skills.”

—Jamie, Customer Experience

“Tuft & Needle is caring and kind. Everything T&N does, those words are behind what we do.”

—Shula, Team Experience

Team Activities

UMOM Donation
UMOM Donation

We donate to and volunteer with UMOM, a local charity that helps prevent and end homelessness in Phoenix.

Spring Dinner 2016
Monthly Team Events

Our teams come together every month to connect, whether that means enjoying a meal together, meeting at a local park with our families and friends, or serving our communities through volunteer work.

Collaboration Session

We value iterative and collaborative thinking. Our team takes time to understand where we're all coming from, and where we want to be going.

Grow With Us

We are looking for smart, inspired, and genuine people to join us on our journey.

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